Spinning the wicked wheel of distraction.

So, we’ve all had this feeling, right? Especially on a Monday. Completely distracted thinking about all the important things in your life outside work. I had it when I had a set-hours job and I have it now I’m freelance. Personally, I find it worse because there’s no one to answer to if I don’t use my time effectively, except my overwhelmingly loud, bossy-as-hell conscience.

When I’m trying to come up with a new idea or work on a commission, Good Carla is shouting at me “go faster, think faster, draw faster. You haven’t visited nan in a while have you? Have you put on weight? You should probably not have carbs for the rest of your life. How’s your personal marketing going, eh? Could be better, couldn’t it…”

Bad Carla, on the other hand, really just wants to drink wine all day, work on her quirky internet presence, have five slices of bread and butter with every meal and abuse ASOS.


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