Seen the green – Ireland.

Things I liked about Dublin:

  1. The singing culture. When there wasn’t organised live music in bars, people would appear with xylophones and banjos and start banging out a folksy tune. People would just know all the words and randomly join in for a jolly old sing-a-long. This doesn’t happen in London. Unless England have just won a football match, except there are no instruments and I use the term ‘singing’ very loosely.
  2. It is perfectly acceptable to drink all day. I like that. I was there at the weekend and three days later my liver still hurts.
  3. I hate to set my gender back a few hundred years, but in bars and pubs back home I would feel slightly uncomfortable ordering a pint. In Ireland no one seemed to bat an eyelid at women knocking back pints.
  4. There was often a nice mix of people of varying cultures, both young and old, which I found made for a nice atmosphere.
  5. Everyone there was Irish, which means everyone there was automatically fit.I haven’t done The Temple Bar justice here because I’d need days and days to pack this scene out with people the way it was in real life, but trust me, it was a pretty cool crowd. Also, those shots are called Baby Guinness, and yes, they are a real thing. Who knew?!


3 thoughts on “Seen the green – Ireland.

  1. What a brilliant picture :)
    I miss real pubs, in Italy they can cuddle a glass of wine all night. If a person has three drinks he is automatically classified as an alcoholic. I dread to think what they would say if anyone started singing in a bar :(

  2. Ireland sounds great yet another place I must visit. I think bars could be like that here but in general there is a strange attitude to drinking, example you ordering a large beer ect’ there’s a lot of room for improvement, anyway thanks for the story as usual I enjoyed Cheers

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