Drunk as a skunk in a club.

I like the occasional drink, to put it mildly. My habit has rewarded me with a liver that has the strength of ten men, and the look and feel of a slug when you’ve poured salt over it (I imagine).  I justify this naughty habit because I don’t smoke or experiment with any drugs, and I try to exercise  regularly/ when I can be bothered.

However, this weekend, at Infernos in Clapham, I overdid it. Not just a little bit, quite a lot. Me and two friends had been separated in the crowd from a larger birthday party and were sitting on some sofas resting our poor feet for a bit. That’s what I remember.

What I do not remember, is leaving my two friends seated whilst I got up and proceeded to dance as wildly as I could, all on my own, whilst absolutely crucifying Total Eclipse Of The Heart. I’m partial to a little boogey after a bevvy, but usually it’s that awkward two-step dancing in a circle of friends. Not full-on throwing shapes on my own and screaming.

Apparently a group of people who were also having a sit-down were absolutely aghast at this random woman attempting to exhaust herself to death with ‘dancing’ and ‘singing’, and my two friends were, ahem, somewhat embarrassed.

When I woke up the next day (with a hangover the size of  Russia) I didn’t believe this tale of events, until I saw the evidence. Apparently, exhaustion was starting to set in so this is right at the end of some seriously graceless  and unflattering moves, and as soon as I realised I was being filmed sensibility kicked in.

Thankfully, the quality is very poor. But I don’t believe in ‘untagging’ photos and videos, because then you don’t LEARN anything. So here you have it. My apologies.

4 thoughts on “Drunk as a skunk in a club.

  1. I’d like to confirm that this is 100% accurate. If I wasn’t concentrating so hard on not being sick with laughter (and, er, two bottles of wine) I would have died of embarrassment.

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