Primate 69 on the Rock of Gibraltar.

<Apologies in advance for being an insufferably smug holiday wanker>

Today, I’m lucky enough to be drawing and blogging from sunny Spain! I’m visiting my friend, Lauren, who  moved out here a few weeks ago for an epic animation job. I’ve brought my laptop and drawing tablet with me to  get on with some work (hahahaha) while she’s at work. Yeah, you can imagine how that’s gone down. But between nursing a few daytime Heinekens and trying to suck in my fat bits (all my bits) at the pool, I’ve managed to whip up an illustration about what happened yesterday.

After a two day hangover from one of the more bizarre nights out of my life (another story) Lauren decided to show me the sights of Gibraltar. This did not take long as Gibraltar has a total area of 6.8 km². The main attraction is definitely the enormous rock inhabited by the semi-wild Barbary Macaques.

After a cable cart of doom we emerged 1,398ft in the air and began wandering around, holding extra tight to our belongings. The monkey’s were certainly used to people and curious about us and whatever we might be holding.

Lauren and I along with a young couple and a child,  had just been admiring two particularly cute smaller monkeys when they unexpectedly adopted the 69 position and started well and truly noshing each other off. (The monkeys I mean, not the young couple).

I don’t care what conservationists say about grooming, bonding and natural behaviour, these horny little bastards had zero shame and did not hold back. These two had clearly been at it before, knew exactly what they were doing and it was revolting. As they swapped and changed into ever more horrendous positions to accommodate their sudden need for savage oral sex, I half expected one of them to pull out a gimp mask, a selection of plastic phalluses and a 9-tail and start really giving it some.

When they were done touching each other up, one of them decided to give my lefty a good grope.

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 17.20.56

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