Accidentally showing my arsehole and lady bits to the nurses.

As bad luck would have it, the moment I started working in a hospital I was suddenly required to attend another for various cringe-inducing (but not life-threatening) procedures. My sympathy with the hysterical patients I occasionally encounter at work has gone through the roof since my unfortunate run-in with the Clementine Churchill Hospital. Continue reading

How not to chat up strangers.

I’ve always admired the bollocks it takes for guys to go up to girls they don’t know and strike up a conversation. The (outdated) social expectation that it’s a man’s job to make the ‘first move’ must be nerve-wracking. Especially when there’s no drink involved; I’m not a shy person but I need at least two and a half bottles of wine to be confident enough to initiate chat with a complete stranger.

However, being mindful of a guy’s nerves can only take you so far if they start spouting utter shite at you. Continue reading