Advice I’d give my 18 year old student self.

Every year when all the young people go off to get their A level results I experience a twang of jealousy. Not because of the actual results, obviously, that shit was horrible, but usually if A levels are important to you it’s because you’re planning to go to university and your grades determined where you were going. A lot hangs on these results. Continue reading

I didn’t study art for four years to pick up dog shit.

No one likes to work for free, that is a given, and many (smart) people refuse to do it. Annoyingly though, for a lot of graduate jobs there’s this catch-22 situation: you can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. Some proper arsehole came up with this in order to get free work from desperate graduates who are prepared to do anything short of sucking dick for a job. Continue reading