Typically I ask people to send me several different photos of the subjects so I can get a full idea of what they look like. It’s helpful to have a few varied photos of each character from different angles, some close up and some full length. I also love to hear about their favourite things, pet hates, inside jokes and unique personality quirks…everything that makes them them. If you have a special moment or funny story you’d like to incorporate into your portrait, let me know!

The first step is mapping out the composition. Using the material and direction you provide, I’ll sketch out a rough outline of the portrait. The first thing you’ll see will be something like this:

1. 30-Sketch

After receiving your feedback, I’ll work up the final version like this:


The best kind of photographs are varied and show the subject from lots of different angles. I’m interested in how they smile, how they stand and what they wear, so please feel free to send me everything you’ve got!


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