In over my head – changing careers.

Relatively recently I had a minor existential crisis. I’d gone to Loughborough to study illustration – good idea if you want to be an artist, supposedly – where University ate me up and spat me out into what was arguably one of the worst times to get a job, any job. Continue reading

Gib’s redecorating disaster.

I foolishly volunteered to help my ex-univeristy housemate Gib move into her new flat with Knight (James) and Ellis (James). The previous owner had been allowed to run amok with sickly orange and baby blue paint, so understandably they decided to start afresh and repaint everything white. Ellis,  the son of a capenter, and Knight, a DIY afficionado, were perfectly well-equipped…Gib, however, was woefully inadequate and ended up covered in paint in a wailing hissy fit on the floor.